Sunday, July 18, 2010

Encounter Before Execution

I just finished teaching from the 23rd. Psalm. This passage of scripture is very familiar to most Christians. Maybe too familiar. Maybe this familiarity actually causes us to overlook some amazing truths.

Here is one truth from Psalm 23 that I fear is too often missed:
Notice that Psalm 23 does not begin with activity, but with the restoration of our souls. This is a reminder of how the Christian life is to be lived. We begin by resting in Christ and out of the restoration of our soul comes activity. Many Christians, and many churches, have this backwards. Many Christians lead with ministry. Out of their good intentions they get busy with activity, attending church meetings, executing programs, planning budgets, and teaching Sunday school before getting filled and restored by Him. Sadly, this leads to "burn out" and disappointment. It is the result of execution before encounter.

A sure sign that we have missed the point is when our activity in the church becomes a replacement for prayerful devotion to the One who called us here in the first place. Jesus has called us first to worship, and secondly to work. We must never reverse this order. When it gets reversed, we miss the reality that Christianity is primarily a relationship, not a religion. You see, we are here to enjoy our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Again, when we take a deeper look, we see that Psalm 23 is about the blessings of being in a relationship with the Shepherd - Jesus Christ. Remember to daily encounter the Lord so that He can restore your soul. Then, execute His kingdom plans with passion, confidence, and power.

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