Wednesday, July 13, 2011


What are we passing down to our children; to the next generation? What will be our legacy? Be assured, how we live our lives is sending a strong message to those who follow us. Are we showing them how to gain wealth, financial success, prosperity, a career OR are we showing them how to touch the heart of God? There is nothing wrong with wealth, financial success, prosperity, or a career. However, none of these are eternal. They are all temporal and they all pass away. None of these pursuits even compare to touching the very heart of God and beholding His beauty.

So, what are we investing in today? What are we dedicated to? What example are we giving to our children and the generation that is looking up to us for direction? Do they see us diligently and with great zeal seeking the Lord or do they see us dedicated to other things? Again, we are showing our children what is important every day by how we spend our time and where we invest our resources. What are we passing down to our children? What will be our legacy?

Jesus should be our example. He was about His Father's business. What are we about? Our children are watching and they are learning. What are we seeking first? Jesus told us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Can you really say that you are seeking first HIs kingdom and His righteousness? What would your kids say you are seeking first? What will be your legacy?

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