Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who do you crave time with: family or God?

In my last post I wrote about craving the Lord. We are called to make the Lord our number one passion. There are noble things in this world. For instance, parenting is extremely noble; it is a blessing from the Lord and a responsibility too. Culture and even the church tells me as a parent to crave time with my kids. I agree that I should desire to spend time with my children and to invest into them. However, nowhere in the Bible does it tell me to “crave” time with my kids. Nowhere in the Bible does it tell me to make time with my kids the most important thing in my life.

Hang with me here…

As we study God’s Word, we see a common theme that tells us to crave the Lord, to make Him our treasure, to seek Him first, to make Him our deep desire. We must give our lives, our first, and our best to the Lord. Nothing else can take His place and nothing else should be allowed to rob us of our time with God and our passion for the Lord. Not even our families.

While God’s Word does teach us to invest our everything in Him and in His kingdom, it also teaches us that we should not do this on our own. We are not called to simply go off on our own and get as much of God for ourselves and let everyone else fend for themselves. Rather, we are called to bring others along with us on this amazing journey. We are called to make disciples. And our family members, our children, should be at the top of the list of those we are bringing along with us on this journey.

So go after God with all that is within you. Chase after Him. Pursue the Lord. Crave pure spiritual milk. Let your family watch you live for the Lord. Teach them what it means to live for God. Show them with your life, your actions, your priorities, and your investments what it looks like to crave the Lord. Teach your children what is really important. Leave an eternal legacy of generations that live life for God and crave the Lord. Your children are watching and learning.

Go after the Lord with your everything and bring your family along for the ride. Your family time will be rich because it will be time pursuing the Lord together. Your family will be built up in the Lord, you will create God-sized family memories, your legacy will stand the test of time, and the Lord will be glorified.

I trust you understand the heart of this message is not to spend less time with your family, rather it is a call to an amazing family adventure in pursuit of the Lord. This is how we truly, "raise up our children in the way that they should go."

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jeff weddle said...

The modern emphasis on parenting often strikes me as cultish. I suppose it started with "FOcus on the Family," which says some fine things, but if I'm focusing on the family won't I miss out on what I would gain if I focused on God? Seems to me. Looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of Jesus Christ, not my kids.

Children are a blessing from the Lord and so is ice cream, unhealthy extremes make the most blessed blessing into a most cursed curse.