Monday, February 28, 2011

Dreams Come True

While reading 1 Samuel 1 this morning, I was reminded of how God can really move in our lives and birth new things in us when we are willing to submit these things to the Lord and set them aside for His glory. Is there something you have been desiring for a long time? Try doing what Hannah did. She prayed. She cried out to God and then she submitted it to the Lord. She laid her desires and dreams before the Lord and consecrated them to Him. Hannah no longer wanted a son just for herself. Rather, she wanted a son for the glory of God. And this is when everything changed and God moved in her life. This is when her dreams came true.

So, what are you dreaming for: a spouse, a new job, a spiritual gift such as prophesy, the ability to play the guitar or piano, finances, influence among your peers?

I believe we will see many more of our desires and dreams come to pass when they are submitted to the Lord, when they line up with His perfect will, and when they are given over to Him for His glory.