Thursday, July 19, 2012

I WIll Not Fear

Fear can be a powerful tool in the hands of our adversary. If we give into it, it can cause us to freeze up or run away. Fear is the opposite of faith.

Here are some examples of what happens when we give into fear:
  • People don’t share Christ with a coworker who is lost because they FEAR losing their job. (Like there is some code of separation of church and work)
  • People don’t call evil out as evil (like abortion) because they FEAR what people may think (may lose some friends – too radical) 
  • People don’t go on a short-term mission because they FEAR being called into the mission field full-time.
  • People don’t pursue ministry because they FEAR not having enough money. 
  • People don’t pursue the gifts of the Holy Spirit because they FEAR being thought of as kooky or extreme. (Or what if God really shows up, then what?) 
Faith is believing God and therefore remaining in Him and doing what He has called us to do. Fear is believing the lies of the enemy and running from the destiny God has for your life. Fear distracts us while faith focuses us on the calling of God and has us proclaiming - Let’s Do It.

I have always loved the words to this timeless worship song taken from Isaiah 54:17
No weapon formed against us shall prosper 
All those who rise up against us shall fall. 
I WILL NOT FEAR what the devil may bring me. 
I am a servant of God. 
I am a servant of God.
As followers of Christ, we must remember who we are. We are God’s children. We are the victorious church. We are about our Father’s business and the enemy can’t stop us.


Eric Jones is the Lead Pastor of Evident Life Church: a spirit filled, Bible based, family integrated church in Gilbert, Arizona. Pastor Eric Jones is also the Director of the East Valley House of Prayer.

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