Monday, July 29, 2013


Earlier this summer, one of my sprinkler heads broke. I figured that I would get around to fixing it soon enough. However, time flew by and the evidence began to show that the repair had obviously not been made. The grass quickly turned from a beautiful green, to an unattractive brown, and finally settled in on its new identity: dirt spots.

The look was so bad that I became ashamed for people to even see my backyard. And so, I had a choice to make. Would I keep living this way or would I address the problem? Procrastination set in as I imagined that the repair would be difficult, that the cost would be high, and that it would take a lot of my time. Meanwhile, the dirt spots were expanding, while the grass was retreating. However, one Saturday morning, I took action. I went to Home Depot, bought the parts and went to work on it. The repair took less than 30 minutes and the cost of the sprinkler head was less than $15. The water was once again flowing.

However, the question remained, would the grass grow back? The fear that I had forever ruined my backyard was upon me. Had I allowed things to get so bad that I was doomed to forever have dirt spots? Was the damage irreversible? At this time, all I could do was water. And so I did. I watered daily. I kept the soil moist. And to my surprise and great joy, the grass returned. It didn’t take a year or even a month. Within one week, the grass had returned; the beauty was back; my backyard was redeemed.

Like my backyard, we were created to be beautiful and full of life, but we need to be watered. We need to be watered with God’s Word and with His presence – the fullness of His Spirit. If we fail to water our lives in this manner, things will get ugly and parts of us will die. However, if this has happened in your life, it doesn’t have to remain this way. Just add water and you will see the life and the beauty return. And it won’t take as long as you might think. God’s grace is powerful and the Lord is able to make all things beautiful again.



Eric Jones is the Lead Pastor of Evident Life Church: a Spirit filled, Bible based, family integrated church in Gilbert, Arizona. Pastor Eric Jones is also the Director of the East Valley House of Prayer.

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